Trend Alert: Steel Nail Bracelets

Trend Alert: Steel Nail Bracelets

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No matter how much some fashion products or trends annoy us at times, we just cannot deny the fact that our beauty and fashion industry is full of people with creative minds and innovative ideas. We often see our designers bringing certain things to use for fashion, that we could never even think of.

Steel Nail Bracelet
Nail bracelets have started getting a lot of attention lately and people have started drooling over this exquisite jewellery piece that is basically invented from a household item – a nail. Although these bracelets were invented years ago (probably in the 70's), they never gained as much popularity as now. They have just started trending, and people do not seem to stop getting their hands on these unique bracelets.

The design and versatility

Their minimal yet classy design makes them a perfect choice for all occasions. Whether you are dressing up for some Instagram worthy pictures in your street style look, or are getting dressed up for a girls night out, whether you are getting ready for an official meeting, or are getting dolled up for some wedding, these titanium steel nail bracelets can be worn anytime since they are very versatile in terms of design and colours. They are very popular with celebrities too, including the likes of Kyle Jenner (below).

Kyle Jenner Steel Nail Bracelet Designer Inspired
Perfect time to wear these

Since these bold bracelets have the ability to balance between a strong and delicate jewellery piece, these are what every girl should get her hands on. They have gained more popularity in summers as in winters, you have to cover yourself properly in order to keep yourself warm, but in summers, you can freely flaunt your skin and wear all the arm accessories that you want to, with all those off-shoulder and sleeveless dresses that you have in your closet.

Ideal colours to buy

Although the design of these bracelets is inspired by nails, these bracelets themselves are often very pricey. Therefore, we recommend getting these bracelets in neutral colours so they can be worn with a number of outfits that you own. If you are planning to purchase a steel nail bracelet why not try one of ours available in black, silver, gold or rose gold colour for under £20.

Designer Inspired Steel Nail Bracelet

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