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Heart-Shaped Jewelry; The Symbol of Love

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Designer Inspired Tiffany and Co Style Open Heart Necklace Pendant

Accessorizing any outfit is the most effortless way to add a tint of bling to it. It can be a casual day at work or an outgoing night; jewelry has the power to add the finishing touches that complement the whole outfit any day. However, not every accessory you own holds a valuable meaning to itself, and neither does it embody enough versatility; that’s where the symbols of love come in. Widely popularized as a token of love, heart-shaped jewelry has created a buzz amongst fashionistas; it’s a celebration of your relations with your loved one and represent your affection for them and, thus, is the ideal gift. 

Giving out a memorable token of your love to someone doesn’t necessarily have to come luxuriously. Inspired from the prepossessing collection of Tiffany & Co, our “Forever Love Collection” is an inexpensive expression of eternal love and hope that rules out luxury and makes communicating love a whole lot affordable and a tonne more meaningful. If you’re looking for a chic symbol of love to gift, we’ve got you covered with prices starting from £9.95. 


  1. Double Pendants

Pendants are a dominantly worn accessory, primarily because of their versatility that allows them to be worn with any outfit. Tiffany necklaces are renowned for both their artistic way of expression and their fashion aesthete. In line with that, our Return to New York Forever Love Pendant is the cheaper alternative that you can express your affection with to the people you love for only £19.95. The pendant can be worn as a permanent accessory that will always stay close to the heart. 


Return To New York Forever Love Tiffany and Co Designer Inspired Bracelet Silver


  1. Charming Bracelets 

Bracelets are an overly worn summer accessory that brings in all the vibrant feels. When their fanciable nature is coupled with meaningful tags or inscribed messages, everything goes up a notch. Bracelets have been widely in fashion lately, and we continue to see more and more of layering being done on the wrists that enliven the heart and style. Choose our Tiffany Inspired Bracelets for only £24.95


Forever Love Return To New York Tiffany Style Ring Designer Inspired Silver Gold Rose

  1. Engraved Rings

Be it a promise ring or a friendship ring, using rings as a token of love dates back centuries and continues to be widely popular. Be it a ring for your daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother, or anyone you love at all, engraving a beautiful text can add a sentimental element to your thoughtful gift. From silvers to golds, a vast range of metals are engraved, and it’s all about finding the right one and engraving the right words. Choose our Tiffany Inspired Rings for only £14.95


Return To New York Forever Love Heart Shape Earrings Tiffany and Co Style Designer Inspired Silver
  1. Complementary Earrings 

Designer jewelry is all about luxury, and we’re all for a budgeted approach towards both love and fashion. Adorn the lobes of your loved ones with statement-making drop earrings or studs. The Return to New York Forever Love Heart Earrings Studs are a classic replacement for the pricier Tiffany Earrings. Being the show stunners they are, wear them solo or pair them with necklaces; you’ll turn heads either way. 

Loving entirely with your heart is as wholesome as it gets but, expressing the purity of your emotions escalates it all to cloud nine. Where words fall insufficient in expressing fondness, let the loved jewelry take over to do the work.


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