Embrace your Inner Mathematician with Roman Numeral Jewellery

Embrace your Inner Mathematician with Roman Numeral Jewellery

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Everyone knows that there’s always a new trend in fashion springing up here and there. The best way to stay on top of the fashion game and ride the wave like a pro is to find a subtle way to incorporate these trends seamlessly into your everyday outfits. Some of these trends are amazing and stylish, while some others are just crazy and out of the box. Every time there’s a new trend, it’s usually something from another world being brought into fashion. We’ve seen tech-inspired fashion, art-inspired fashion, and many others.

Silver Roman Numeral Bracelet

One of the latest and highly welcome trends we have today is fashion related to math. Yes, you read that right. Math-inspired fashion is the latest thing making waves, and this comes in the form of jewellery inspired by the Roman Numerals. Fashion pioneers and think boxes have infused the Roman Numerals into jewellery through inscription on Roman numeral rings, embellishments on Roman numeral earrings, charms on Roman numeral bracelets, and Roman numeral pendants.

Roman numerals are currently being used by big name jewellery brands, such as Tiffany & Co. in their rings, earrings, and necklaces. Other jewellery designers like John Christian and Eve’s Addiction also use Roman numerals in their jewellery.
You can use Roman numeral jewellery in a number of stylish and sentimental ways. You can have Roman numeral pieces which bear your favourite number or combine them to mark a special date. It’s the perfect way to carry special dates with you everywhere and all the time.

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